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The Studio is a hub for creative practice and research in contemporary Art + Design.  

It takes my background in Conceptual Art with a minimal aesthetic and philosophy to different materials and processes.  

I produce and sell objects, some purely artistic some more utilitarian.

Sometimes I work with other Designer Makers to bring new skills to the Studio.  

I love the dialogue and challenges that come from collaborative practice.  

Always producing drawings and paintings for Art Prints and updating my Photography archive (it is my palette for all colours used in Art prints and Pattern work).  

I have given Sculpture and Installation a bit of a pause only to let it develop into a new stage of 3 dimensional practice.  I am in the midst of a Conceptual Design Project.  

The project is growing from a dynamic place between Craft, Design and Conceptual Art. It celebrates sustainability and natural local resources; it challenges Design and Craft methods and processes and works from a flexible approach so that the objects become organic responses to concepts, materials, processes and collaborative practice.

I look forward to sharing more on that soon.

For any enquiry feel free to contact me directly (details below and in contact page)

Sound Drawing 1