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in partnership with:


Arts Council of Wales

Bristol Weaving Mill

Fernhill Fibre

Rachel Holian Ceramics

Raine Ceramics 

Ty Pawb

Yeshen Veneema

Fundamental functional objects to feel life in colour in the absence of it

Come and join us

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I take you on the journey as it unfolds, sharing content on

all aspects of Sense of Place

Come and discover what we get up to as and when we are making it happen

Sense of Place is a project at the intersection of Art, Design and Craft it blurs boundaries and opens new possibilities.  

It is deeply personal to me and will bring an intimate experience for each person who lets themselves be taken.

After a year of development it is now time for Sense of Place to take full form and come to life.  

With the support of Arts Council of Wales I, with partners craftsmen/women, will take you on a journey that has never been travelled before.  I hope that you will join us as we grow and explore new grounds. Sense of Place will take full form in the early months of 2020.

I look forward to sharing content with you as we go and grow.

You will find regularly updated content on the Blog page for Sense of Place (under Blog in Menu) and on our social media handles.

I look forward to discovering your feelings your thoughts questions and ideas as you discover what we get up to.

Use the Blog/Forum, the chat box at the bottom of all pages, join in on the social media handles or email me directly.  

Plenty of ways to begin an exchange.