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alone alone or amongst many

November 19, 2017





digging through past works 

looking for jazz to work to [search through new stuff but nothing like the oldies, timeless Nina Simone]back to the desk before moving to the other and start crafting




I find this old pic. of a sculpture/arrangement i made just a few years ago.  


No desk there but a corner and two beams to guide focus.


Then I root, albeit swiftly, through images of stuff that caught my eye here and there and find that post of Le Corbusier theatre.  


So as I sit alone at my desk [old habits die hard] I'm now thinking if I sat amongst many would i feel alone still? 


rhetoric of course as the optional answers are many and the enquiry so common to us all.




Then i move on and think about the space its aesthetics and the impact of that on a possible answer to the previous question.


So this takes me back to a place i dug into some time ago as i made some steps into exploring the stuff that makes me go wild, the overlaps the boundaries the conflict the mating in aesthetic form function and the impact of those upon behaviour, mental physical and all those in between.  [What's got ya never leaves ya]




Even though I wrote a whole postgrad. thesis on the subject I feel no more knowledgeable on the topic, experience experiments thinking pondering debating observing inside and outside is what i did then and what i still do now to add to my enquiry and possibly hopefully never come up with an answer.




is it so wrong to never come up with an answer?


isn't it the time of life when we ask and ask and ask and no answer is given and so we go out there and try and play and experiment and put our hand in the fire and burn and learn and ask more and try something new in the fire a new hand a new day a different fire a different object and we note and we try and we debate and try again and perhaps come up with a stutter as we hesitate to confirm findings but we try and fall and get up and amend and stay the same and fall in love with the falls and the steps after dug in and before if we remember them. So i record and associate link make graph of some sort and contemplate and experiment and play and debate and ditch and cry and smile and embrace and share and feel shy and doubtful but keep courageous and try and try and try and believe and wonder and search dig root keep rooted

every day




so here goes


this is the place where this road started this is the turn it is taking and possibly the last road for me, many avenues i hope but still frankly probably the last road for me.






fruitful i hope and try to make it so

every day




this is where maudgoldberg ltd [to use the formal] is born from and where it creates from

every day



get up 




step into and out of

every day































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