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when you look you find - form & content

November 23, 2017


As i was rooting through materials today to work on some negative printing experiments I stumbled upon this white half cut shirt I had forgotten about but made sure to keep safe in my box of cut offs.


It was my father's


While I do wear some of his shirts, this one I never took too, I never liked the font of the word written inside the back panel.  Petty perhaps but every detail matters to me. It seems today that I never gave much thought to the actual word, left the content to one side and stopped myself at its form.


You see the man on the page here is my father.  The author is an old friend of his.  The book is about May 1968 in France.  My father was a political revolutionary in those days. The word revolutionary might seem a little weighty here but it really does not tell an inch of his acts and thoughts.  The title of the book 'Trimards "Pegre" et mauvais garçons'.  My father was one of those 'mauvais garçons' mauvais to be understood in context.  things that happened during that period led to my father needing to change his name and live in hiding for the rest of his life until his death.


Some would use the word incognito.


Anyhow, this book was sent to me by an old friend of my father's.  It arrived this Monday. Today Thursday I find myself meeting the white shirt again but today it takes on a new meaning.  I am surprised because I scrutinise things visually and mentally, but I do miss things and I am convinced that it must only be to keep them for better times.  So, today was a time like that, a time where I read ingested and digested the word on the inside of the shirt panel. Not a big task really you might think but the little usually automatic tasks of life sometimes do pass us by and become something that needs to be considered for it to happen.

The word:



I stopped

hung the shirt against that handsome healing Bauwerk wild rose lime paint  

picked the book 

and the rest is above


It amused me and led me to think that as an individual pressed upon aesthetics form and content in usually equal measures I had surprised myself by missing out on a chance to find some humour in tough times.  

So, things remain and prop up when the time is ripe.

Readings change and experiences continue to tell me that I am doing what I need to do.

Assembling and de-assembling form and content.

Looking for and exposing overlaps and boundaries.

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