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On the verge

December 31, 2017


New Years Eve 

Old Years Night

Either or it’s Sunday


Woke up this morning. Sadly or not I got onto the wide social web checking stuff out doing some research updating accounts and so on and of course fell upon the many calendars of past data/events from the year we are still within. 

Until then I had completely forgotten the date of this day.  It was is Sunday. Of course I begun to wonder how I felt about eclipsing the 31st.

No wonder I has been one of the most trying years of my life. Full of promise in many ways and yet the most unstable fearful harduous year in all respects of what modern life is made of.

I will pass on details for now as I prefer to not tempt fate and keep hope for sustained better days where I will be able to share the wisdom gained from this year. 


Anyhow all this to led to what made me take the virtual quill and ink...

BH on BBC radio 4 this morning. A snap of info about the words we use to give meaning to times of life social events etc and in this case evidently New Years Eve or as apparently named in the US, Old Year Night. The fact still remains that in both cases it is a day caught in the headlight of what is to come and what has passed yet little considered for itself.


As a lover of all things liminal, or so I thought, I am surprised at my lack of interest for this day, the one that carries all the weight of days gone and that of heavy hearted hopes for those to come. An undoubtedly responsible day with broad shoulders.  So widely celebrated for its in betweenness being on the cusp of the unknown and withholding so much wisdom of passed times. The 31st od December has all the tension of change the friction that creates energy and dynamic; all these elements that are at the base of my work as designer and sculptor. It nearly feels outrageously illogical to not feel acquainted to this particular day.


Today I appreciated hearing the bit on BBC4 BH mentionning today as the night of the old year the night where the focus is on what we have lived and experienced and not so much on hoping for the grass to always be greener elsewhere but to focus on how and where we can find green grass in what we have lived no matter how murky the waters have been. It still is a way to escape the present though is it not. 

Either one of those celebratory motions do not really focus on the actual day so much until the 12 hits of the bell. Or does it? 

Yet the rejoicing on passed times and optimistic hoping for better ones ahead that many of us get up to today leads some of us to meet up with one another or find ways to draw and make good out of this particular day. So perhaps being between yesteryear and nextyear is actually a lead to being in the now. 

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