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Meaning Making Meaning

January 11, 2018

Recently read something from Patternity about positive patterns. A regular output from the girls whose feed I peek into with consistent irregularity.  Patternity’s focus on concept basis and active impact of surface design is no news of course nor is the aspect of the potential positive in the symbiosis of surface design and whatever comes in contact with it.


Still, as I read the post content and observe attached designs I catch myself yet again sitting on the fence or ‘le cul entre deux chaises’ as can be said in my poor memory of distant French colloquialism between what is the place of concept content form and their individual and merged impact upon whatever comes in contact with either.



Probably an older debate in my life than I can remember but a seminal point of reference to it is that made by a dear mentor of mine some time ago now.   

Something like -form over content and vice versa-, unquoted as the man had much greater means of making a point than I. 


meaning making - making meaning consciously or unconsciously purposefully or ‘accidentally’; that leads on to another broad and depthful debate.


Anyhow, back onto the point I wanted to make when I begun writing here.

The battle between form and content is endless and timeless.  For me only, as i shall try and remain modest and wise enough to write in my name only, rare are the finds that get it just on point, that tick of the click on the timeline where all elements combined make for an explosive equilibrium of form and content or form and function or concept and form and so on. 

A dynamic so alive in the respect between components that the energy ensued is a calm peaceful wave rising up and graciously leaving with the titillating scrunch and stroke of pebbles against pebbles against ageing and aged pebbles against sand against water. 

materials meet - ancestral & contemporary youngsters in harmonious discord.


For me creating or producing design is a constant and passionate debate, a challenge, a play between mind over matter and matter over mind. It is a way of finding the point where something can be about to lose its equilibrium. A point so tense it is tangible even in 2D work even in near imperceptible cases. Sometimes the equilibrium is reached but never quite and it’s that never quite that keeps me going as a maker and researcher. Constantly happy with the imperfect, subtle or blatant. It leads the research the work the pondering considering questioning the making.


I can never put it into words. 

Probably where the circle meets itself. Form over content or form as content or content turned into form or if content can be meaning then meaning into form.

The 4 Ms 

merge materials make meaning 



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