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Back on the road

July 9, 2019

We are back! (the blog and I that is)


It's been a long time!

I think that the IG devil got me caught on writing longer feed posts and somehow this special corner of Studio life got abandonned for a bit.  Still, space is not a bad thing right? 


Onto a subject that is close to my heart and probably to that of most of us mere mortals,

Body Landscape Acceptance.



Landscape 3, a fairly recent painting / drawing.  It takes the contour lines of the land that interest me and pares back all fussiness to get to the core of what it is the senses are trying to navigate.


The making process is not an ease.  It is  a time where all gets deconstructed pulled apart and reassembled, the Land opens up and takes you in to look inside.  The moor might not look like the moor anymore because it is not about the moor but it is about the stuff that the moor mimics, fuels the questions it poses and the answers the body can bring as it communicates with the moor.  That process is a very special place to be. I am grateful. 


Then there is choosing the answer, and that can change as quickly as the skies of North Wales.  It is challenging for me to accept that I am today in awe with the answer I chose to the question posed at the time when I stared at that moorland and the time I spent facing myself with it back in the studio to the many shapes Landscape 3 took to fill that page with multiple answers.  It is my own and in some ways it feels uncomfortable to say I can feel like that about my work.  But, I cannot feel anything else than pleasure because you see the Body and the Land have led to acceptance and that brings peace and that is so dear to me.  (Theres another blog in here about why peace matters so much, it is as vital as water but each one of us have a particular affair with peace and that affair maybe I will share with you here one day).


So, the Land and the Body in Landscape 3 exist in the vast white and those embracing blacks. They hold all the doubts the fear the bravery the emptiness the dark times the clarity the peace that I feel I need to hold and face and accept.  It is totally selfish but does love not start at home and where is home other than our body when it is not ambling through the Land looking for answers and stumbling around moments of acceptance?.


The marvellous moor

As it is, only blackened and whitened, but all contour all form all is just as it sits in the land.


 If you have read this far I thank you. It is not easy to take time to read these days.  Plus stuff that unveils the background of artwork can sometimes change the way we see the work and change what we found in their for ourselves, that can be good though.


I would love to read what you feel about this, the moor, Landscape 3 but also about the Body Land Acceptance.


If you would like to share then there is a space that has been made especially for Sharing on the Studio site it is the Studio forum and is called Sharing Space. Some feelings and ideas have begun to appear on there about Body Land Acceptance and I welcome you to join and add.


Alternatively there is a button at the bottom left of each Studio site page that can be used to chat with me personally away from the communal Space to Share.










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